These are the active servers that have been reporting in.

Address Location Description Contact Uptime Software Users Games Channels
US Chicago, IL, USA BNETDocs official server BNETDocs
1mo 5d 23h 46m 42s PvPGN ( on Linux 1 active, 862 logins 0 active, 0 total 45 active
IN Europe [- WARCRAFT 3 SERVER - -] cen
21h 36m PvPGN (1.99.0-SVN) on Linux 359 active, 3445 logins 116 active, 54862 total 33 active
BA :jr Hells [~The Horadrim~](Diablo I, Diablo II LoD) D1LODOPE LoThaR
7d 11h 58m PvPGN (The Horadrim v1) on Windows XP 3 active, 56 logins 1 active, 31 total 14 active
Count: 3